Through this project at least 300 kids in the villages and slums will be able to get to school safely and on time, through the provision of 2 school buses. The School is located in a village which is connected villages and slums in the remote rural areas..

This area is mainly rural and the families struggle to get their kids to school each day. School buses will make education accessible, Particularly for families that live farther away from the school. Buses will eliminate an important challenge that many families face.


The roads leading to the school are in poor condition, with no public taxis or buses. The available motorbikes are unsafe and risky for the kids. Many kids have to walk for long distances, up to 5 miles, to get to school. After walking these distances, the kids are tired. This morning tiredness negatively affects their focus and class learning. The lack of access to transportation is a major obstacle to children attending school regularly and on time.


This project will provide 2 school buses to help take the kids to and from home. This will be a significant help, especially for the poor and needy children. By providing transportation, the children will be able to attend school regularly and on time. This will help boost their attendance and focused learning – as the children will not be tired after walking long distances.


This will help boost learning in the short term and transform their lives in the long term. The quality of education that they receive will be enhanced. This will boost their chances of becoming self-sufficient. They will be more empowered. Investing in child development is critical for human development and we cannot talk about economic growth without talking about healthy and literate communities.

Request for your donations for School Bus