We believe that all children, particularly girls from poor and disadvantaged families, access and complete education from pre-primary to secondary levels, thus realizing their right to inclusive and quality education. However the realities reflect inequitable access to Early Childhood Education; poor learning outcomes in early grades which leads to learning deficits; discriminative social norms, gender-stereotyped curriculum and lack of an inclusive, protective environment within the schools. To address these barriers and to ensure all children, particularly vulnerable girls from excluded communities realize their right to an inclusive and quality education,

  Improve technical capacity and investments in early childhood education.

 Strengthen capabilities to provide onsite support to school teachers and School Governance.

 Pilot social innovations in gender sensitive curriculum and pedagogy both inside and outside the schools.

 Improve technical expertise in mobilizing and promoting education with girls (dropped out, irregular or never enrolled).

 Influence governments and donors to increase investment in Girls’ education.