MISSION – To inspire Indian communities where poverty, gender inequalities and lack of education remain constant barriers for development. Use your skills, experiences and passion to improve their learning and day to day living.

OVERVIEW – You will work on Programs of your choice daily, from Monday to Friday with weekends free to travel few historical outside places for refreshment. Teach English, work with Children, Empower Women, tutor in Computer Skills, partake in school Renovations, assist with Child Care, build Summer Camps and for health professionals, educate in Health Awareness. (Additional Charity services – Cooking, Cleaning, and Washing for benefit of the Children and to train up in sewing for women, widows and teenage girls to make dresses)

PLACEMENT OVERVIEW – M G C T offers an ‘Original Placement’ all year round; it is the most flexible placement allowing volunteers to select their start date, Programs, length of Placement. Our 4 Week ‘Summer Placement’ runs over summer months and combines volunteer work.



In rural India women do not have the same opportunities in education as male counterparts and unfortunately there is a 15% gap in literacy rates between men and women. In low income families where a choice has to be made, a girl will often be taken out of school at an early age to enable boys in the family to continue their education.

M G C T has set up Women’s Empowerment groups in the community to teach English, Job Skills and Computers Skills. Attended by female villagers these group sessions do not only provide access to education but offer a new platform for social interaction and network building in the community. Volunteers share their skills and experiences with the ladies, they help build up their English conversation skills, assist with resume building and job searching and most importantly confidence in their ability to learn and find jobs.


Child Care Centers for toddlers and infants are mostly attended by children from low income families and children living in care homes. M G C T providing/supplying supplement nutrition, provide health checkups and preschool non formal education. Child Care Homes are severely under resourced and lacking the funds to function properly. M G C T provides financial and educational support to 20 local Child Care Centers that would struggle to survive without assistance. Volunteers work in the Child Care Centers especially in the area of preschool education and provide love, care, and a safe hygienic environment for the children to play and learn. Volunteers assist local staff and lead activities in English such as arts and crafts, educational and recreational games, nursery rhymes, ABC’s, and counting.


M G C T works with children. Most of the children living in the slum do not attend school and suffer from poor health, malnutrition and little education or knowledge about the outside world. Children work on the streets collecting bottles and cans and beg for money to provide just enough money for food for the day. M G C T emphasizes education and care initiatives to help integrate street children into mainstream society. Street Children volunteers work in the slums or at contact points providing care, affection, meals, basic literacy, and a safe environment for the children to learn and create – improving the physical and emotional well being of the children.


Child Care Centers and Schools provide valuable services in the local community and run on minimal resources. At the end of the year there is little money left to maintain the buildings themselves and monsoon rains make regular maintenance and renovation work an ever more pressing need. Classrooms and play areas should aid and encourage learning and this is exactly what M G C T aims to achieve when renovating local educational centers. Volunteers working in Renovations clean the centers from top to bottom before applying coats of white paint to freshen the place up. Volunteers then stencil educational and playful images on the walls, before filling the images with bright colorful paint. Volunteers experience the full transformation of the center and love watching the children’s faces light up as they enter their new classroom.


Learning Computer Skills is becoming increasingly important to enable students’ entry to further study and employment – keeping them up to date, in touch and involved.

M G C T volunteers teach Computer Skills to students at local Schools and centers. Volunteers work with students who have little or no knowledge of computers – teaching things such as switching on the computer, using the mouse, managing different windows and word processing skills. For those students who already have some knowledge of computers – volunteers compliment their studies and teach intermediate skills such as internet browsing, email, spread sheets, presentations, printing documents and more. Show students that with regular use, computers are fun and easy! With the help of volunteers the students will soon learn that computers can be used for work purposes, recreation and as a self learning tool too.


M G C T has started an initiative, for volunteers with a professional background in Health to travel with English speaking guides into rural villages to meet with local families, women and visit centers. Depending on the volunteer’s background, interests and experience, M G C T will assign a project that meets the community needs and the volunteer’s experience. Previously M G C T has focused on providing Health Education to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Volunteers discuss the women’s current personal situation in regards to their general health, well being and any difficulties or concerns they may be facing. Volunteers assess the women’s knowledge and provide education on the importance of nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Further focus in the past has been health visits and checkups at local Child Care Centers – assessing if the children are healthy and up to date with vaccinations then providing advice of necessary actions.


M G C T run Private Tuition, after school English groups for the local village children (many of which are sponsored by M G C T to go to school). These children are from low income families and M G C T holistic support provides them with opportunities they would not otherwise have access to. Volunteers experience how the local’s live as they take the classes in local family’s homes. The size of the class varies between 4 and 8 children and their level of English also varies. Volunteers assist with the children’s reading, pronunciation and English grammar. Volunteers enjoy getting to know the children and their families on a close personal level.

English teaching materials are available at the volunteer house and volunteers are free to bring along their own resources.


M G C T runs After School Groups and Summer Camps (for ages 4-16) which are a great way to work with the children of Orphanage/School in less formal settings. The children love spending time with international volunteers who can teach them about the outside world. Whether you’re teaching English, Art, Drama or Sports, they will be full of questions and will love to hear stories and facts about your home country. These groups and camps allow children to top up their English language skills and any activity or lesson volunteers plan will involve talking in English; providing the extra practice needed to compliment school studies. Volunteers work on grass roots projects which naturally involve daily exposure to Indian customs and traditions. A great way to learn about Indian culture first hand!


M G C T Original Placement is offered all year round. It is the most popular and flexible Placement allowing volunteers to select the duration of their stay, start dates, preferred Volunteer Programs. The minimum duration a volunteer can join M G C T is 2 weeks and 12 weeks is the maximum. Everything a volunteer needs is included in the Placement – food, accommodation, transport, teaching materials, local sightseeing, Morning Prayer.


During the week your days at M G C T will for the most

Parts follow this schedule

  • 7:30am – Wake up and enjoy a Tea
  • 7:45am – Prayer class (60 minutes)
  • 9:00am – Breakfast and work preparation
  • 10:30am – Program 1 (2 hours)
  • 12:45pm – Break for lunch and work preparation
  • 1:30pm – Program 2 (2 hours)
  • 3:30pm – Afternoon tea and work preparation
  • 4:15pm – Program 3 (2 hours)
  • 7:00pm – Dinner
  • 7:30pm – Relax, go shopping, and prepare for tomorrow’s Programs


Pick up from Airport by M G C T. Accommodation will arrange at the M G C T Campus with safety and security, provide Internet and WiFi and with hot water and western toilets.Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared freshly and hygienically.M G C T volunteers will have weekends free and time available to participate in outside visits.