In the villages and slums, most of the families are living in below the poverty line and have very small income from their daily labor that they cannot afford to send their children to school. Many of their parents go to work in the morning and come back in the evening with the lowest daily wages of the same day to buy food for the whole family. They do not have any savings to pay school fees, to buy Books, all school supplies; uniform, nutritious food, medical supplies and mostly parents do not have the knowledge to teach their children themselves.


Children Education is the very serious problem which we are aiming at. As children are considered as economic value they are not sent to school and find placements in agriculture, cattle grassing and household work etc. As a result they are deprived of their basic right to Education and thereby losing chances of having better life in future.

This situation will pave the way to crop up many social problems as there are chances of these children becoming antisocial elements when they reach cities and towns in search of work. Therefore the plight of the poor children is in expressible, unless those children are educated and/or trained in vocational courses their families cannot be developed in any manner.

Further to the surprise of everybody there are more semi orphans in this area. Education is a myth and fulfillment of basic needs is a serious problem to these children. Though they are in the school going age it is rather unfortunate to know these children are 100% illiterate and no chance of going to school in life.

A majority of such children are working with landlords, struggling very hard for their Master’s Development by not leaving anything behind for them for their self reliance. In a way one cannot blame the presents for their indifferent attitude as they are busy in struggling for their livelihood; hardly have they had only hand to mouth living.

Therefore the future of these children is left to their fate and to the mercy of the land lords. When a survey was conducted it is very strange to note that there are many child labor, street children, neglected, and abandoned-orphans and poorest of the poor in the below poverty line who cannot afford to have education and are engaged in other fields.