My name is Suseela. I am 30 years old. I have two children. I am living in a village called Agadala. My husband is working in agriculture, as daily wages to support my family. We are lowest Cast in India called harijana in Dalit community means untouchables. We are Christians but not real Christians, why because we did not change by the word of God.

A few months ago in the last year, we heard about Mercy and Grace Skill development program. We contacted and requested Madhava and Nirmala to visit our village to help the women and they visited our village and discussed the request of the Village Women and prayed for God’s will.

After a week, Mercy & Grace has started a sewing school to all of our women to learn how to make new dresses to earn income. I organized a group 40 women and joined to learn the skills and talents to make new dresses. We have completed the training course for 6 months and ready to make new dresses and repair old dresses. We paid the monthly payment for Sewing Teacher and building rent for six months.

We don’t have resources to buy sewing machines of our own to make new dresses in different styles/models to sell them to earn income to meet basic needs of our families and educate our children. We are looking for your donations for Sewing Machines from MERCY AND GRACE CHARITY to start the work to make new dresses to sell the products from house to house or to start small business cooperatively.