When you give a goat it changes the life of a CHILD OR A WOMAN AT VILLAGES AND SLUMS in poverty.

A healthy goat produces milk, which means more nutrition and income.  Goat $45/-

Change a Life!

Each gift transforms the life of someone in poverty.

Gifts That Go Well Together

Share of a Cow!

Your share in the cost of a dairy cow will give milk, cheese, and cream to a hungry family in need. A cow translates to great nutrition, and the leftover milk can be sold for income to purchase more food. SEND YOUR GIFT! $50

These are some gifts you’ll love to give!. SOME OF THE kids OR FAMILIES around the world don’t have enough food to eat, SCHOOL SUPPLIES, UNIFORMS, FEES FOR EDUCATION, clean water to drink, or a way to get better when they’re sick. You can choose a gift to help a kid – just like you! – living in one of the world’s poorest places.