Providing Bicycle for the Poor students:

Provide bicycles to the poor students, who are far from the School, bicycle will help the student to reach the school in time otherwise by the time he reaches the school by foot he is tied, sometimes late and feels too hard to sit in the class room.

As for as we know bicycle is the best vehicle which a poor man affords to buy but here first of all the people finds it very hard to survive and sustain their families and have no possibility of buying it, so please consider the situation and respond to needs of the poor school boys in the villages and slums.

We invite you to join with us to  share  your donation to provide Bicycles to  educate the children to attend classes in time to learn lessons and reduce the drop outs in rural areas.

Encourage enrollment of child to school.

Facilitate students to reach a distant School.

Ensure their studies and to initiate retention.

Motivate and to enhance their will power.

Enhances quality in education.

Reduce transport time .Reduce school drop outs.

Cost of a Bicycle                $              85.00


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